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UISEE Launched Autonomous Bus Project In Xia Fu Dang Sci-Tech Innovation Green Valley

UISEE Launched Autonomous Bus Project In Xia Fu Dang Sci-Tech Innovation Green Valley

Date: 2022-11-30
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In the future, what will the public transport in the city be like? Vehicles can autonomously avoid other vehicles and pedestrians, change lanes, recognize traffic lights, and park without drivers. Such scenes once only appeared in science fiction movies have now actually come to our real life.

The L4 autonomous driving solution created by UISEE for public travel scenes can be mass-produced, which is the early autonomous bus solution that has started commercial operation in China. It is committed to meeting the needs of "point-to-point" autonomous short-distance connection in public scenes, and providing passengers with efficient, safe and comfortable unmanned travel services.

At the same time, in airports, ports, parks, factories, communities, scenic spots, urban transportation and other rich scenarios, UISEE autonomous bus solutions can be quickly deployed without on-site transformation, providing first-class unmanned bus operation services.

Autonomous Bus

In the early stage of this project, UISEE successfully completed L4 autonomous driving vehicle license test and examination certification, obtained the autonomous driving road test license and was approved to carry out intelligent connected vehicle road test.

During the meeting of the third anniversary of the construction of the Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone, participants experienced UISEE autonomous bus on site. The autonomous bus, carrying passengers, smoothly drove along the scenic Xiang Fu Dang open road in Jiashan, passing through four stops, and finally stopped safely at the Xiang Fu Dang station.

UISEE autonomous bus

The autonomous bus, which looks like a regular bus, is fully equipped. The car is equipped with cameras, lidar, millimeter wave radar, front and back, and high-precision GPS on the roof. Multiple sensors ensure 360° omnidirectional sensing coverage and high-precision positioning when the vehicle is running. Even in extreme weather, such as rain, snow and fog, the vehicle is still able to maintain accurate perception and ensure safe driving.

UISEE autonomous bus has L4 automatic driving ability, the vehicle intelligent driving platform can timely sensor feedback of a variety of complex road conditions information into vehicle planning control, can accurately achieve automatic start and stop, vehicle autonomous speed limit, lane keeping follow, autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous lighting control and other operations. The autonomous vehicle is driven by pure electric clean energy, in line with the global trend of advocating energy conservation and emission reduction, from carbon peak to carbon neutral.

Passengers only need to wait for the vehicle to stop automatically at the station. After getting on the bus, the on-board safety officer can start the automatic driving mode with one button. Without the need to operate the steering wheel, accelerator and brake and other equipment, the vehicle will start to run according to the set line. Through the display screen in the car, passengers can see real-time speed, driving routes, stops and other information. Passengers can also listen to music, read, or enjoy the view outside the window. When the stop is about to arrive, the intelligent bus interactive system will automatically announce the stop and remind passengers to get off.

The successful landing of UISEE autonomous driving Bus in Xiang Fu Dang has promoted the development of intelligent transportation integration in the Yangtze River Delta region and established a new way of public travel in the era of intelligent network. In the future, UISEE will continue to maintain close cooperation with ecological partners to create more benchmark projects and promote the transformation of urban transportation with driverless driving.