Autonomous Driving Solution for Chemical Industry

UISEE autonomous driving solution includes a variety of autonomous tractors and a cloud-based management platform. Based on the powerful U-Drive® intelligent driving system and equipped with an L4 automotive-grade controller and an AI intelligent brain, the solution can realize autonomous transfer of raw materials/finished products in the chemical industry. It has three modes: autonomous driving, remote driving, and control driving, ensuring all-weather transportation safety. Through the cloud-based platform, the whole process of raw materials/finished products entering/leaving the warehouse can be digitalized, empowering the digital upgrade of chemical enterprises.
Autonomous Logistics Vehicle
T30 series
Autonomous Logistics Vehicle
T05 series
Autonomous Delivery Vehicle
UiBox series
Cloud-based Management Platform
Autonomous transfer
Autonomous vehicles have a multi-safety protection mechanism to ensure transfer safety of raw materials/finished products.
24/7 all-weather operation, ensuring normal operation of autonomous vehicles even in severe weather
Significantly reduce costs of transportation, labor, and management and flexibly respond to cost pressures caused by business fluctuations.
Cloud-based Management Platform
Operation Management Platform: Improve the digital level of in-plant logistics and open up business information flow, building a data foundation for lean management
Operation Monitoring Platform: Monitor vehicles in real time to notify operators once an exception occurs, ensuring operation safety
Cloud-based Management Platform
Cloud Platform
Operation Monitoring
Real-time vehicle driving state; Remote vehicle video; Exception notification and remote human intervention.
Operation Management
Vehicle report; Route report; Operational report
Information sensed by RSU
4G/5G Network
Road Side Unit (RSU)
Report vehicle status
4G/5G Network
Check vehicle status
Monitoring Center
Dispatch Command
Autonomous Tractors
Autonomous transfer of raw materials/finished products
Digital management
24/7 all-weather operation
Reduce cost and increase efficiency
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