Autonomous Driving at Airport

UISEE's autonomous airport solution, which integrates various autonomous vehicles including logistics vehicles, patrol cars and shuttle buses, and a cloud-based intelligent operation and management platform, is designed for the "four-type" airport construction and the airport automation improvement. The solution makes for unmanned and intelligent transportation of luggage and cargo, border patrols, staff/passenger shuttle within the airport through leading autonomous driving technology, contributing to more efficient, more economical, and safer airport operation.
Autonomous Tractor
T30 series
Autonomous Bus
Autonomous Delivery Vehicle
UiBox series
Autonomous Patrol
Cloud-based Management Platform
Autonomous Logistics Vehicle
T05 series
Cloud-based Management Platform
Cloud Platform
Operation Monitoring
Real-time vehicle driving state; Remote vehicle video; Exception notification and remote human intervention.
Operation Management
Vehicle report; Route report; Operational report
Information sensed by RSU
4G/5G Network
Road Side Unit (RSU)
Report vehicle status
4G/5G Network
Check vehicle status
Monitoring Center
Dispatch Command
Autonomous Tractors
Customer Value
Safe and controllable
Multiple safety protection mechanisms ensure safe operation and adapt to complex environments and severe weather
Reduce cost
Can be deployed in airport operation areas on a large scale, no need for airport modification
Meet the needs of all weather and autonomous luggage/cargo transportation, border patrols, and shuttle under different working conditions, significantly improve airport operation efficiency
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