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Dongfeng Logistics Has Completed Autonomous Driving Project Acceptance Test

Dongfeng Logistics Has Completed Autonomous Driving Project Acceptance Test

Date: 2022-11-16
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Recently, Dongfeng Logistics and UISEE jointly cooperate with the factory autonomous driving logistics vehicle innovation application project officially passed the acceptance test. So far, 7 of the 20 global top automobile enterprises in Fortune 500 have adopted the autonomous driving technology provided by UISEE to enable factory production and logistics. The remaining 13 enterprises have also successfully completed the verification of the unmanned transport scheme in the factory, and the commercialization is being actively promoted.


In recent years, with the increase of logistics transportation and labor costs year by year, the work intensity of logistics personnel has gradually increased. At the same time, under the requirements of the normal epidemic prevention and control, personnel turnover is relatively large. Dongfeng Logistics quickly identified the introduction of autonomous driving logistics solution, which can effectively solve the above pain points, and then began to work with UISEE, one of the leading autonomous driving enterprises, to implement autonomous driving solutions in the factory.


As one of the first automobile manufacturers in China to apply autonomous driving technology, in the second factory park of Dongfeng Honda, autonomous driving logistics vehicles can safely and efficiently transport materials to the designated place to unload through autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance in the whole process.


Autonomous driving logistics vehicles busily transport parts needed for car production from the warehouse and smoothly drive up and down the hill; When there are sudden entry of obstacles or pedestrians vehicles can quickly make perception judgment and stop in time; At the intersection vehicles can take the initiative to avoid traffic and pedestrians, to ensure the safety; When there are obstacles vehicles can easily change lanes; Outdoor turn-around and outdoor rainy day operation are also completely easy to meet the challenge. This is a key step for Dongfeng Logistics to gradually achieve the corporate vision of "high-tech logistics management company" and realize the strategic goal of smart logistics technology.

In the whole test process, L4 autonomous driving logistics vehicles were tested the open road environment perception, safety strategy, uphill and downhill capability, obstacle avoidance, steering, turning around, braking, lane changing, indoor and outdoor operation, night operation, operation in bad weather and other comprehensive capabilities, but also the verification of autonomous driving technology ability and business scene matching maturity.

With the characteristics of high frequency, all-weather, fixed route, and close connection with production links, factory logistics has become a key link of the real economy manufacturing industry to carry out intelligent manufacturing technology transformation. In the long run, the on-site logistics of our real economy manufacturing industry is driven by the realistic goals and internal improvement needs such as energy saving and emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, safety improvement, convenient and intelligent, flexible production and public health. In the future, it will mainly show the development trend of electrization of carrier vehicles, intelligent handling process, unmanned operation links, convenience of on demand and anti-vulnerability of dangerous emergency response. Therefore, the new business form "On-site unmanned logistics technology solution" generated by the integration application of autonomous driving technology and on-site logistics ADAPTS to and conforms to the development trend of this market demand. It has been in the outbreak period of commercial application and promotion, and has gradually begun to realize large-scale commercial use, showing a good commercial prospect.

The success of this project once again proves the value of autonomous driving technology in factory logistics and transportation. The application of autonomous driving logistics vehicles provides a new breakthrough point for reducing cost and increasing efficiency of factory logistics, and also accumulates important experience for realizing the intellectualization and information of the whole business scene of factory supply chain logistics.