Autonomous Driving Solutions for Smart Automotive Logistics

UISEE autonomous driving logistics solution meets the operational demand of 24/7, all-weather material transportation of traditional automakers, and solves problems of low efficiency, high labor costs, and uncertainty of safety risks.
Autonomous Logistics Vehicle
T30 series
Autonomous Logistics Vehicle
T05 series
Autonomous Delivery Vehicle
UiBox series
Cloud-based Management Platform
Cloud-based Management Platform
Cloud Platform
Operation Monitoring
Real-time vehicle driving state; Remote vehicle video; Exception notification and remote human intervention.
Operation Management
Vehicle report; Route report; Operational report
Information sensed by RSU
4G/5G Network
Road Side Unit (RSU)
Report vehicle status
4G/5G Network
Check vehicle status
Monitoring Center
Dispatch Command
Autonomous Tractors
Pain Points
Advantages of UISEE Autonomous Logistics
Many delivery links, low efficiency of multi-link cooperation, difficult to manage
Multiple closed device interfaces, difficult to collarborate
Isolated and "unonboardable" business data
Need to reduce physical contact for pandemic prevention
All-weather, Full-scenario, Real driverless
Fusion localization, removing indoor and outdoor restrictions
On-cloud Unified dispatch
Customized data interfaces to integrate business platforms
Real driverless during transport
Customer Value
Safe and controllable
Full-scenario autonomous operation for avoiding major safety accidents
All-weather operation, less costs of staff management, employing, and safety risk management.
Efficiency guarantee
Optimize the logistics process through autonomous application and break down data silos through information systems, achieving lean and digital management
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