Autonomous Bus

UISEE's commercial L4 autonomous electric bus, aka the "shuttle bus", can provide all-weather autonomous shuttle service without safety drivers, navigate and avoid obstacles autonomously throughout the entire trip. The shuttle bus can provide passengers efficient, safe, and comfortable autonomous mobility service to satisfy the need of autonomous shuttle for intelligent public transport, helping the development of smart cities.
Autonomous Bus
Autonomous Minibus
Autonomous Bus B13
Autonomous Bus
Autonomous Minibus
Autonomous Bus B13
Applications & Values
New industrial cities
Tourist attractions
Large factories
High-end communities
Airports & Ports
Nighttime economy
The Pioneer of Autonomous Bus
Commercialization in China
Autonomous Bus
Autonomous miniBus
Autonomous Driving Bus of China
Autonomous electric bus
Autonomous Driving Bus
Autonomous Driving mini Bus
More efficient
24/7 all-weather pickup/drop-off
4 reservation modes
Intelligent cloud-based big data management, real-time display of vehicle operations
More economical
Leading L4 autonomous driving technology
No need for environmental modification, fast deployment
Significantly reduce operating costs within 1-3 years
Significantly reduce labor costs
A multi-safety mechanism ensures stable vehicle driving
Remote monitoring, real-time failure report for maintenance
Function Module
Intelligent obstacle avoidance
Car following
Remote monitoring
Return remote control
Failure report
Return on low battery