Logistics Vehicle

Autonomous Logistics Vehicle

Based on U-Drive® Autonomous Driving Platform, UISEE's L4 autonomous logistics vehicle, aka the "tractor", can provide fully autonomous transportation, meeting full-scenario, real driverless, and all-weather logistics.

Applications: production materials and goods transportation in factories/parks, cargo/baggage towing at airports.

Functions: plan routes autonomously for the entire trip, avoid obstacles autonomously, park autonomously, hook/unhook trailers autonomously, etc.; precisely dock with other devices such as AGVs, forklifts, platforms, and roll-up doors without manual operations.

T30 for Factory
T30 for Airport
Autonomous Factory Logistics

Solve pain points of traditional factory logistics, including low transportation efficiency, high labor costs, and uncontrollable safety risks in production.

Provide 24x7 all-weather transport of production materials and goods in factories with autonomous logistics vehicles and efficient management with the cloud-based management platform, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Autonomous Airport Logistics

Integrating autonomous logistics vehicles and the cloud-based management platform, UISEE's autonomous airport logistics solution is produced for the "Four-Type" airport development and automation improvement of airports.

With UISEE's leading autonomous driving technologies, the solution can provide unmanned and intelligent transport of cargo/baggage, making airport operation more efficient, more economical, and safer.

High-performance logistics
Support 24x7 all-weather operations
Handle all kinds of bad weather (such as heavy rain/snow/fog
Precise collaboration without human help
Autonomous hooking/unhooking: autonomously dock with other devices such as AGVs, forklifts, roll-up doors, and platforms without manual operations
Open API interfaces: easy to connect with cloud-based management systems, WMS/ERP and other systems
All-round security & protection
Follow the international safety design standards, ensure high security through the forward design of multiple autonomous driving security redundancies
Dexterous obstacle avoidance & adaptable to complex environments: multiple safety sensors, visual perception and fusion algorithms
Transport safety: dolly detection, cargo monitoring, smooth emergency stop
Economical & easy to apply
No need for site modification: save money and time
Rapid deployment: can be deployed within 1-5 days, and support batch deployment
OTA upgrade & maintenance: extend service life
User-friendly HMI: satisfy requirements of different users
Data security
Self-developed full-stack technology: ensure data security controllable
Sound data security management: ISO27001 certification, multi-firewall protection, data encryption and desensitization
Function Module
autonomous hooking/unhooking, device docking (AGVs, forklifts, roll-up doors, platforms)
tire pressure monitoring, driving record, Hawkeye monitoring, dolly monitoring, obstacle avoidance, vehicle detection, warning signals (tri-color warning lights, honks, turn signals)
Cloud-based management
mode switching (autonomous/ manual), vehicle scheduling, multi-vehicle collaboration, OTA upgrade, remote control, open APIs, simulation test
Automobile manufacturing
Airport logistics
3C manufacturing
Chemical industry
Animal husbandry
Food manufacturing
Industrial manufacturing
Lithium battery manufacturing
Tobacco and alcohol
Logistics parks
Animal husbandry
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