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UISEE Launches First Autonomous Driving Application in Tobacco Industry

UISEE Launches First Autonomous Driving Application in Tobacco Industry

Date: 2021-07-26
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Nowadays, intelligent technologies and the real economy co-exist and integrate with each other, representing a general trend. After years of efforts and development, the Chinese tobacco industry has initially realized factory automation and is moving towards digitization, informatization, and intelligentization.

UISEE Technology recently teamed up with Chengdu Cigarette Factory of China Tobacco Sichuan Industrial Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Cigarette Factory) to explore the application of autonomous logistics technologies, and steadily promote the construction of an intelligent factory. Both parties are supporting the tobacco industry’s high-quality development through innovations in production and logistics technologies. 

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Chengdu Cigarette Factory is the birthplace of the cigarette brand "Jiaozi" and represents the main production base for cigarette products under the "Kuanzhai" series. To become a benchmark intelligent factory has been its mission. The factory has been strengthening its hardware’s ability to support manufacturing, product quality, informatization, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

The trivial and complicated material transport largely dependent on manual work used to result in high labor intensity in cigarette factories, where work efficiency was easily affected by weather conditions in a way that could delay the production and sales process.

As a technical expert in the autonomous driving industry, UISEE Technology gained insight into the demand and pain points of the tobacco industry during its cooperation with Chengdu Cigarette Factory. Based on its research on the overall situation of logistics in the factory, UISEE integrated its mass-market autonomous driving solution for factory area into Chengdu Cigarette Factory's existing production logistics process. As a result, the factory is now able to use autonomous logistics vehicles to realize unmanned tobacco material transportation from one warehouse to another.

While reducing labor costs, the partnership has greatly improved the timeliness and accuracy of tobacco production and transportation, while ensuring the quality of materials as well. As the transportation status is sharable in the cloud in real time, the digitalized synchronization across the platform can be achieved.

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The tobacco industry is moving towards intelligence. UISEE Technology will leverage its innovative and self-developed solutions to provide the industry with efficient, stable, and safe autonomous logistics systems and services.

Today, hundreds of UISEE-branded unmanned vehicles without safety inspectors have been used to deliver multi-scenario, multi-industry transport services on a regular basis. In the future, we will remain committed to empowering multiple scenarios and all industries with commercially proven, expert-level autonomous driving solutions. We will also take advantage of our leading autonomous driving technologies to facilitate the high-quality development of industries in the real economy, including restructuring and optimizing transport service in traditional industries like the tobacco industry.