Animal Husbandry

Autonomous Driving Actuates Animal Husbandry

UISEE autonomous driving solution includes multiple kinds of autonomous tractors and a cloud-based management platform. Based on the powerful U-Drive® intelligent driving system and equipped with an L4 automotive-grade controller and an AI intelligent brain, the solution can realize autonomous feeding and intelligent management of pastures. It has three modes: autonomous driving, remote driving, and control driving, ensuring the safety of all-weather transportation.
Management Platform
Remote control
Autonomous Tractor*
Autonomous Tractor*
Stop precisely near feed bins
Autonomously/Remotely plan routes of feed unloading
Connect with feed bins automatically
Unload feed at fixed points with a fixed quantity
*TMR is a non-UISEE product
Cloud-based Management Platform
Cloud Platform
Operation Monitoring
Real-time vehicle driving state; Remote vehicle video; Exception notification and remote human intervention.
Operation Management
Vehicle report; Route report; Operational report
Information sensed by RSU
4G/5G Network
Road Side Unit (RSU)
Report vehicle status
4G/5G Network
Check vehicle status
Monitoring Center
Dispatch Command
Autonomous Tractors
Autonomous Feeding
Fine Management
24/7 All-weather Operation
Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency