Animal Husbandry

Autonomous Transport Solution for Animal Husbandry

UISEE autonomous transport solution for animal husbandry includes multiple kinds of autonomous tractors, autonomous delivery vehicles, and a cloud-based management platform. Based on the powerful U-Drive® intelligent driving system and equipped with an L4 automotive-grade controller and an AI intelligent brain, it the solution can realize autonomous transport, sanitizing and intelligent management in farms. It has three modes: autonomous driving,, remote driving, and control driving, ensuring the safety of all-weather transportation.
Autonomous tractors
+ customized carriages
Suitable for autonomous transfer in farms
Autonomous light trucks
Light trucks with autonomous driving modification can help customers reduce development costs by 70%.
The vehicle is lightweight and flexible to meet all kinds of congested and uneven roads to ensure transportation safety.
Farms do not need to change means of transport, which can ensure seamless operation of business.
UiBox Autonomous Delivery Vehicle
The customized-design UiBox autonomous delivery vehicle meets different customers' needs of compartment modification. According to customers' actual needs, it can be customized to connect with various loading and unloading platforms, truly realizing the whole process of autonomous cargo transport.
Cloud-based Management Platform
Cloud Platform
Operation Monitoring
Real-time vehicle driving state; Remote vehicle video; Exception notification and remote human intervention.
Operation Management
Vehicle report; Route report; Operational report
Information sensed by RSU
4G/5G Network
Road Side Unit (RSU)
Report vehicle status
4G/5G Network
Check vehicle status
Monitoring Center
Dispatch Command
Autonomous Tractors
Customized Development
Fine Management
Healthy Farming
Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency