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UISEE Autonomous Driving Solution for Factory Help SANY Achieve Cost-saving And Profit-increasing

UISEE Autonomous Driving Solution for Factory Help SANY Achieve Cost-saving And Profit-increasing

Date: 2022-10-28
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As the foundation of a country , manufacturing industry is the lifeblood of the national economy. In the process of building a new pattern of manufacturing development, many enterprises are faced with the challenges brought by the transformation of intelligent logistics system. To this end, UISEE has launched autonomous driving solution for factory dedicated to building a future smart factory to accelerate the upgrading and transformation of manufacturing logistics with autonomous driving technology.

For manufacturing enterprises using traditional logistics system, the following pain points often become the bottleneck for enterprises to achieve breaking growth:

  1. Material volume is large and heavy, handling time is long, manual transportation is difficult to meet the demand of capacity growth.
  2. The traditional manual transportation management and training cost are high, and the labor shortage is easily affected by the epidemic.
  3. The quality of manual transportation cannot guarantee the timeliness and accuracy, and the safety risk is uncontrollable.
  4. Existing intelligent equipment is highly dependent on environmental transformation, low load and poor passability, affecting production.
  5. Lack of visual tracking analysis and response mechanism, information network sharing degree is low.

UISEE autonomous driving solution for factory adopts core technology from manned level, which can meet the needs of various industrial scenarios. It can be deployed in a rapid, flexible, and large-scale manner without scenario modification. It also supports the integration of software and hardware, and provides life-cycle O&M support.

The L4 autonomous driving logistics vehicles developed by UISEE can meet the requirements of all-scene, truly unmanned, all-weather logistics transportation operations. Vehicles can run automatically and avoid obstacles automatically. Multiple safeguards enable  7x24 hour operations. With the “no safety officer” design, vehicles can operate without manual work.

Compared with traditional logistics solutions, autonomous driving logistics solutions are more efficient, more economical and safer. Taking the normal operation of  SANY Kunshan Industrial Park as an example:

The strategy of replacing human drivers with AI drivers optimizes staffing and operating costs. While improving the overall quality and efficiency of logistics, the transportation safety in the plant is further improved. The deployment of unmanned vehicles also does not need to transform the complex plant environment and infrastructure, which can flexibly realize the full automation, intelligent upgrade and management of the whole process of material transportation in the plant.

The autonomous driving logistics vehicles operating in the plant are all electric drive, creating long-term value for sustainable development of the plant. Comprehensive ability to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor logistics operations, adapt to all kinds of road conditions and factory operating environment. Through real-time monitoring, the staff can respond quickly and deal with the abnormal situation in time, which is conducive to the closed management of the factory.

Autonomous driving has become a new force to promote the transformation of manufacturing logistics. UISEE will work with more partners in the future to help more enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency with universal, safe and efficient AI driving technology, and create more value in the field of logistics.