UISEE Autonomous Technology Helps Customer breakthrough the Intelligent Upgradation

UISEE Autonomous Technology Helps Customer breakthrough the Intelligent Upgradation

Date: 2022-06-01
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In early 2022, UISEE joint hands with a large state-owned industrial enterprise to land autonomous driving technology in plant logistics application. From the early stages of plant construction to formal production operations, UISEE participated the whole process. Recently, in the critical stage of the factory's production climb, the autonomous logistics vehicle has realized 24-hour all-weather operation according to the actual logistics demand, and its performance is outstanding.

The large state-owned industrial enterprise actively responded to the government’s call to promote intelligent manufacturing and digital factory construction and planed to introduce intelligent logistics equipment to speed up the factory for intellectualization transformation in 2021, which contains the introduction of UISEE autonomous driving logistics vehicles to replace traditional ones, to improve logistics efficiency.


As an important part of the intelligent logistics system, UISEE fully involved in the planning and construction of the customer's new factory in the early stage. Before the completion of the factory environment and facilities, the self-developed simulation technology was used to emulate transportation routes and operation scenarios, and the unmanned vehicle test and operation was carried out as soon as the factory environment allowed, so as to keep the project schedule consistent with the construction schedule of the factory.

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With the gradual completion of the new factory, the factory has stepped into the stage of normal production and operation, which requires higher standard for the logistics tempo. However, the repeated outbreak of the epidemic has made the factory operation full of uncertainty. UISEE autonomous logistics vehicle can operate without safety officer, so the vehicle can adapt to the pace of double shifts in the factory faster and effectively reduce personnel interaction during the epidemic, guarantee 24-hour uninterrupted transport service, and play an important role in the enterprise's production climb period.

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At the same time, the infrastructure of the new factory is still under construction, and the operation of unmanned vehicles still needs to overcome various special conditions and emergencies. For example, a peculiar T intersection of the factory often occupied by a 17-meter-long big truck, while fully loaded with 4 gearboxes of transmission parts, the vehicle can intelligent identify obstacles, if encounter occupation, it would drove into parking observation points automatically to avoid traffic jams.

In addition, the customer's factory is located in the southwest of China, with foggy weather in the morning, rising temperature in summer, and capricious rainstorm. The unmanned vehicle can withstand all kinds of extreme weather and successfully complete daily logistics and transportation tasks.

The success of the project once again proved that the value of autonomous driving in logistics application. Through 1.5 million kilometres (data as of May 2022) distance of real unmanned autonomous driving in commercial scenarios, UISEE can quickly replicate autonomous driving technology into various scenarios, grow together with customers, and help them develop more efficiently and steadily.