“ Re-innovate transportation and logistics for billions of people. ”

UISEE are pioneers in the commercialization of self-driving technologies, products and services, with which UISEE aspires to revolutionize the fields of transportation and logistics for billions of people. We commit ourselves to building future transportation tools with intelligence and spirituality, and making transportation safer, easier and more fun.

Cutting-edge & Advanced

Comprehensive Solutions for Autonomous Driving


Grouped into three top teams: the systems team recruited from International top IT and Automotive vehicle technology companies, the AI team constructed from China’s top computer vision companies and the autonomous vehicle technology team who represent the most advanced scientific research levels of Autonomous vehicle techonology at Chinese universities.

Business Cases

Hangzhou·Raffles City

Uisee Technology and CapitaLand selected Raffles City Hangzhou as a test site to explore the application of driverless vehicles in a large-scale integrated commercial real estate setting. It was the first cooperation between driverless technology and the commercial real estate in China. It was also a breakthrough in the commercialization of driverless technology.

Guangzhou·Baiyun International Airport

Uisee Technology cooperated with Guangzhou·Baiyun International Airport to explore driverless shuttle services, which helped the passengers traveling between the terminal and the parking lot. From March 31 to April 1, we showed the advanced technologies combining artificial intelligence and airport services to Chinese and foreign travelers at the "2017 China Airport Service Conference” in Guangzhou.

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